Custom Projects

When your business requires a custom fabrication project, ATC has the experience to undertake the custom work that you may need. Whether you need pipe fab or other products that require stainless steel welding, ATC will provide complete project attention that contributes to the growth and value in your company. Here at ATC, we believe in providing professionalism to every stage of product creation. From the time we begin your custom fabrication project, to the time of completion, we are dedicated to providing great customer service and quality workmanship that creates the long lasting product your company requires. We have experience serving a wide range of industries including medical device, food manufacturing, bottling, aerospace, architecture, agriculture, leisure, and waste management. Our experience dealing with versatile markets will allow us to serve the needs of your particular industry seamlessly and efficiently. Our innovation can assist you with your other fabrication and machining projects as well.

  • Are you looking for a partner that will provide all of your fabrication & machining needs?
  • Do you require a long-standing company to provide you with your stainless steel fabrication & machining needs?
  • Are you a facilities professional that has a steady requirement for fabrication & machining services?

We can provide you with all your fabrication & machining needs at an affordable price. ATC has an established fabrication facility located in Drombanna, Co. Limerick. Our experience with welding and steel fabrication allows us to produce high quality, long lasting products for our customers from a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, beverage & food processing, agricultural, and architectural and even the specialized needs of waste management.

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Custom Fabrication

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